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Europe is one of the largest and most highly developed medical economical areas in the world.

The aim of completion of the European single market means services will be freely transferable amongst more that 500 million people.

Different languages and cultures, national attitudes, structures and organizations continue to inhabit a so called European business activity.

The real dynamics of the European unification process make it difficult for those outside the community to respond promptly and effectively. This is the case in all areas of business but is especially true of the Life sciences area with its widely differing academic conventions and health care structures and regulations.

The European health care shows the biggest discrepancies in the European Union being also one of the largest economical markets.

Companies entering this market segment, either from outside Europe or from other business sectors, require the in-depth experience and contracts of true specialists.

Med-All International UG (haftungsbeschränkt) was established for practical business support mostly in the area of Medical Technology and highly technological and dynamic industry.

Our aim is to offer operational management, production, R & D, and strategic marketing support, combined with information and analysis, to synergic companies assisting to successful development of their businesses.

The comany is acting mostly in Europe but contacts are established also in the rest of the world. Our Associates are specialists in the different Health care areas.

We are dedicated in helping our customers and their companies in the different fields of activities within the health care, diagnostics, instrumentation andd therapy interested to establish their business internationally.


Our service covers amongst others distribution and support of the following products:

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